The following import procedure should be completed by someone at your organization who is familiar with importing large amounts of information into The Raiser's Edge.  The import process can take hours to complete depending on the number of records submitted.

Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

Note: Please review What are the timeout settings for Blackbaud Hosting Services prior to starting the import to ensure those settings won't interrupt.  

Note: If any constituent attribute is marked as required, it must be unmarked before following these instructions. To do this, click Config, Attributes, and select Constituent Attributes. Unmark any checkmark in the Required column.

  1. Download the file from your FTP folder. Keep the file in the zip folder (do not unzip). File name should be pluginimport.csv
  2. In The Raiser's Edge, click Admin and select Target Analytics.
     - In Canadian version of Raiser's Edge, click Admin and select Data Enrichment Services, Target Analytics.
     - In versions 7.80-7.85 click Blackbaud Analytics in the Admin module. 
     - In version 7.91 click Target Analytics in the Admin module.
  3. If you receive the following message, click OK.
    If you have not already purchased the Target Analytics service, please contact Blackbaud at or by calling 1-800-443-9441. For more information on Custom Data Modeling, please visit our web site.
  4. Click Step 4: Update Constituents with Scores from Target Analytics. The Target Analytics Update Records Wizard screen opens. 
  5. In the FTP File field, browse to the location of the Target Analytics import file provided to you and copied locally in Step 1.
  6. Leave the update file and password blank. It is not necessary to enter anything in the update file and password fields. These fields will fill in automatically.
  7. In the Create files in field, if your organization hosts your database you can use the default path (C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7) or click the ellipses (...) to browse to a different location.  If Blackbaud hosts your database click the ellipses (...) to browse to a different location other than the Local Disk (ie. C:).  We suggest clicking the plus sign next to your user name and selecting the network folder with numbers as shown in this screen shot:
    User-added image
  8. Mark the checkboxes for:
    • Create query of exceptions
    • Create query of changed constituents
    • Create control report
  9. Click Update Records to begin the update process.