1. From the Configuration page click Financial Institutions.
  2. Click Financial Institution Cleanup.
  3. Select the Financial Institution(s) to be replaced.
  4. Select the Financial Institution that will replace them.
  5. Mark or unmark the appropriate options.
  6. Click Replace Now.

Financial Institution Cleanup

Note: As part of the cleanup, any constituent and other records associated with the duplicate financial institution are changed to show association with the replacement financial institution. Account numbers are not changed on any financial institution records, or on any associated constituent, gift, or other records. 

The Financial Institution Cleanup utility can be used to combine banks. For example, if the Bank of Washington merges with Capitol Bank to form the new Constitution Bank, you can replace both Bank of Washington and Capitol Bank with the newly formed Constitution Bank on all constituent and gift records.

OR... If the bank named "Lexington State Bank" has also been entered as "Lexington Bank," and the bank appears on constituent and gift records both ways, you can use the cleanup utility to delete the incorrect duplicate, Lexington Bank, and replace it with Lexington State Bank.