Sponsor Pledges are used when a registrant has sponsors who based on the registrants participation will agreed to pay the non-profit a dollar amount. This amount is usually collected by the registrant/participant. The non-profit has two ways of tracking these sponsoring pledges.

1. This method should be used if the non-profit needs to send a receipt to the sponsor. When adding the sponsor pledge (done from the registrant, sponsoring pledges tab. Search for the Sponsor's Name, then enter in the amount they pledged the registrant. This will need to be repeated for each sponsor.

2. This method should be used if the non-profit does not wish to track the individual's who sponsored the participant, but do wish to track the total amount in sponsorship money. When in the sponsoring pledges tab of the registrant, add the registrants name. Basically they will be sponsoring themselves. Enter in the total amount of sponsorship money they raised.