There are two export functions: Export Grid to Excel, which sends information from a grid in The Raiser’s Edge 7, and Export Grid, which supports a variety of export formats.

To use the Export Grid to Excel option, the export location needs to be specified.
1. Select Tools, User Options from the menu bar.
2. On the File Locations tab, indicate the location for creating the export files in the Export/Import Data Files path.
3. On the Raiser’s Edge bar, click Records. Open a constituent record and select the Gifts tab.
4. Right-click in the list of gifts and select Export Grid to Excel.

When the export is complete, the Excel spreadsheet opens, containing all the information from the grid.


To export in another format:
1. Right-click on the grid and select Export Grid.
2. Select the export file type and export file name. If you want the first row of the export file to contain the grid’s column headings, mark the Include header checkbox.
3. Click Export Now.

After the export is complete, open the export file in any application that recognizes the selected format.