Follow the steps below to create custom Microsoft Word labels using data from the Blackbaud program. These instructions assume you have already exported the data.

  1. In Microsoft Word, select File, New from the menu bar.
  2. Select Blank and click OK.
  3. Select Tools, Mail Merge from the menu bar. The Mail Merge Helper screen appears.
  4. Click Create and select Mailing Labels. Click Active Window.
  5. To attach your data file, click Get Data, and then select Open Data Source. Select the appropriate file. The data file usually has a .dat extension. A screen appears stating that Word found no merge fields in Main Document. Click Edit Main Document.

    Note: If you are having difficulty locating the data file, refer to the export's Blackbaud Control Report for the name and location.

  6. Select a label type from the list of available labels in Microsoft Word. You can also create custom size labels in Microsoft Word. Click OK.

    Label Options screen

  7. Click Set Up Main Document. The Create Labels screen appears. Click Insert Merge Field to select the fields to appear on your labels. Click OK.
  8. Click Merge. The Merge screen appears.
  9. In the Merge To field, select the merged letters' destination: your printer, or a new document. If you send the merge to a new document, you can view the letters on the screen before printing. Select the appropriate option.
  10. In the When Merging Records frame, select Don't print blank lines when data fields are empty.
  11. Click Merge.