Use the Number tab of the Format Editor to set the formatting options for number or currency fields in Crystal Reports.. If the Number tab is missing this usually indicates that the field type is not NUMERIC or CURRENCY and will need a formula for type conversion using the toNumber() function.
  1. Open the report in Design View mode in the Crystal Reports application
  2. Right-click on the affected field on the report
  3. Select Format Field
  4. On the Number tab, click Customize
  5. Mark the Display Currency Symbol checkbox
  6. Choose either Fixed or Floating setting (described below)
  7. Click OK

Fixed: Mark this option to place the currency symbol in the first (far left) position in the field. The program leaves extra space between the currency symbol and the value if the field is justified to the right.

For Example:

    $       325.00

    $ 401,325.00

    Floating: Mark this option to place the currency symbol as close to the currency amount as possible so that there are never any extra spaces between the symbol and the amount.
      For Example:



      For more information, review What is the Format Editor in Crystal Reports?