1. In Mail, Forms, highlight 1098T forms and click New.
  2. On the General tab, In the Generate 1098Ts for field,  select the year for which you want to print 1098T forms.
  3. Mark the Use an alternate payer/filer name checkbox if you want to manually enter a name for your organization. If you do not mark this checkbox, the system will use your organization name as it appears in Configuration.
  4. In the Contact information frame, enter contact information for the office, or particular person, who should be contacted with questions regarding the generated forms.
  5. Mark the Print 1098Ts forms field when you plan to actually print the 1098T forms for the students.  If you are required to file 250 or more forms, you must file electronically with the government.
  6. In the Copy to print field, select which Copy to generate when running the parameter form. Select “Copy A”, “Copy B”, or “Copy C”.  If you are not filing electronically, you must run the parameter file three times to generate the appropriate 1098T forms.
  7. Printing “Copy A” or generating the data file will mark the included tax year records as printed on the student records.
  8. The Include students already marked as Printed checkbox determines whether tax year records already marked printed should be included when generating 1098T forms.  When printing “Copy B” or “Copy C”, if you have already generated the data file or generated “Copy A”, you can select this option to include all the appropriate students.
  9. In the 1096 summary field, select “Print including filer name and address”, “Print excluding filer name and address”, or “Do not print”.
  10. Mark the Do not print 1096 box totals on the last 1098T form, if you do not want to print the 1096 summary information printed on the last sheet after the 1098T forms.
  11. In the Service provider field, what information you want displayed in the Service provider box. For example, you may want to include information on a third party service provider who filed the form or who answers questions about the statement.
  12. To create a query of students you run 1098Ts for, mark Create an output query of students. You can save and use an output query later for other mailings or reports.
    Report Orientation. 1098Ts automatically print in portrait orientation (vertically).
  13. On the Electronic filing tab, mark the Create 1098T File for Electronic Filing checkbox to create a file to transmit 1098T information directly to the IRS.
  14. In the File path field, browse to the file where you will save this 1098T.
  15. In the Transmitter control code field, enter the Transmitter Control Code, up to five characters, assigned by the IRS. This field is required if you are creating an electronic file for transmission.
  16. The Media number field is for tape cartridge filers only. If your organization uses an in-house numbering system to identify tape
    cartridges, enter that number; otherwise, enter blanks.
  17. If you mark the Create test file checkbox, the program creates a file to send to the IRS so you can be sure the actual data file will transmit
  18. On the Filters tab, select the students you want to print 1098T forms for.
  19. On the Attributes tab, you can add, delete, or update attributes for the students.
  20. On the Address tab to specify whether addresses appear on 1098Ts.
  21. On the Format tab, designate the format for the mailing. Settings on this tab determine the number of copies to print and how to sort and align forms.
  22. Click Preview or Print to create the forms.
Also refer to the Mail User Guide.