Alumni Class Analysis report - Found in Analytical Reports - Tracks donations made by alumni

The Alumni Class List is a canned report that lists alumni with telephone numbers, addresses and class years.  This report is especially useful for planning appeals directed to alumni and planning class reunions.  The information on the report pulls from the information on constituent's records under the Educate Tab.  To be included on the report, an education record must be marked as the Primary Alumni Information.  The following is a dissection of the Alumni Class List, broken down by each tab in the report design.

Alumni Codes Tab
  • On this tab, list the Alumni codes to filter on in the report.  Select to print selected or All Constituencies.
  • These Constituencies coincide with the constituencies set up in Configuration
  • This is the only required field on this particular report
Class Years Tab
  • This tab allows you to select the class years to report on
  • Select to report on All or Selected Years
  • Show the reunion years by marking the Show Reunion Years checkbox in the upper left corner of the window
  • Again, the option is present to choose all or selected years.  If choosing to Show Reunion Years and selecting years ending in 8, you will see not only the class of 98, but Alumni who have their reunion in 1998.
Attributes Tab
  • This tab allows you to choose to filter in or out attributes that are set up in Configuration
    For example, to include only those Alumni who are deceased, or exclude those Alumni who are on a certain committee.
  • You can only select from constituent attributes on this tab in version 6.  (In the Raiser's Edge 7, there is the option to choose either Constituent or Education attributes)
  • In the Raiser's Edge 7, there is the functionality to print the Alumni Class list using different education records (i.e. Class of 1995 and Degree PhD.)
Address Tab
  • The address tab allows the option to print two addresses.
  • The placing of addresses on the report is determined by selecting column 1 or Column 2
    Note: Only one address can print by selecting column 2 and selecting None.  The same address will print twice if a different address is not specified in column 2 than has been specified in column 1.
  • Let the system do address processing or allow the address (Primary or Business) to print on the report. (the Raiser's Edge 7 allows the capability to print the alternate address on this report).
  • Print the phone number with the address by marking the Print Phone checkbox.  Marking this checkbox enables the Print Phone Only checkbox.  This allows the option of printing only Alumni names and their phone numbers on the report.
  • With the option to print two addresses, you can print two phone numbers as well.
  • There must be a business address present in order to print the business phone number (or email address if applicable).  When selecting the business address, the report will only pull from information located under the Business button for a constituent record in Constituent Management.  
  • The Type of Mail option is only available if the Base on Criteria option is checked for address processing.  The As Of Date is the date needed for address processing to go through (see Address Processing section of the Raiser's Edge User's Guide).  Selecting mail types will further limit the output of the report.
  • If no address is found, there is the option to print primary address, business address, or with no address at all.
Format Tab
  • The Format tab allows the capability to choose from an existing group or query.  The only types of queries available to use in this report are Individual, Organization, and Constituent.  
  • Select the Addressee to show up on the report.  (When the report is generated, the Key name and the Addressee chosen will print if Addressee is pulled from either the Constituent Record or from the Addressee Table).  The only way to keep both the addressee and the key name from printing on the report is to choose key name.
  • Print the Deceased attribute for Alumni who are deceased
    Note: This is not a filter, it prints the word DECEASED by the constituent name on the report.
  • Base the report on either Last Name or Maiden Name. This pulls from the constituent data listed on the Bio 1 tab in the constituent record.  If you base the report on the Maiden Name, both names will print.  The full Maiden name will print above the constituent name on the report.  If there is no Maiden name, the constituent name will print.
  • Order the report alphabetically or by class year.  If you choose to order the report by class year, you have the option to print each class year on a different page.
  • Create an output query by marking the checkbox for Create Output Query at the bottom of the window.  This query will be a Constituent, Static query.  You can find it by creating a new constituent query and selecting Edit, Properties.  Once in the Properties window, mark the checkbox for Select From Static Query.  This enables the up arrow.  If you click on the arrow, you will see the query you created from the report.
  • A subheading can be entered in the subheading box.