The simplest method to determine if a server is a Domain Controller:

  1. Open Computer Management.
    1. Open the Control Panel.
    2. Choose Administrative Tools.
    3. Double click Computer Management.
  2. Expand System, Tools. If there is a Red X over the Local Users and Groups link or it is missing, the server is a Domain Controller.

Blackbaud does not test its software on a server that has been promoted to a Domain Controller.Therefore, we do not advocate or recommend installing our software on this type of server configuration. For this reason we highly advise finding an alternative. Blackbaud Support/Consulting can attempt to assist you in troubleshooting issues that may occur; however, if Blackbaud determines the cause to be in direct relation to the environment then the only solution will be to install our software as explicitly outlined in our system requirements.  Blackbaud is unable provide information on previous occurrences in which organizations have experienced issues in the past due to the many environmental considerations that have to be taken in to account.

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