1. While editing a Donation Form part click the eReceipt button
  2. In the eReceipt Options frame, select whether to create an eReceipt for a Credit card or Debit card
  3. To mark the gift as receipted when you download it to The Raiser's Edge, select the Mark gift as receipted in The Raiser's Edge checkbox.
    Note: When you select this checkbox, the Receipt Stack and Receipt Number from Blackbaud NetCommunity populate the Receipt Stack and Receipt Number fields on the gift record in The Raiser's Edge and the URL for the eReceipt PDF is added as a Gift Attribute.
  4. Click Save

Note: To create eReceipts, you must first establish the Receipt Stack and Receipt Number information in System Options. For more information, see the Administration Guide Financial information.

For additional information on creating Donation Forms, see the Parts Guide.