Please follow the steps below in order until the issue is resolved.

  1. If you have recently updated your Raiser's Edge password, you will need to also update it in ResearchPoint integration configuration (BB751993) with the following steps:
    1. Go to Prospects > The Raiser's Edge Integration (the RE database serial number listed here must match your RE serial number in RE (go to Help > About The Raiser's Edge) 
    2. Click Edit Credentials and select the radio button for A Different User (Users must have RE7 Authentication (BB66003) enabled in Raiser’s Edge.)
    3. Enter your Raiser's Edge username and password
    4. Click Test Login to confirm it connect successfully, then click Save.
  2. This error may be related to the number of Raiser's Edge user licenses in use. While ResearchPoint does not require a Raiser's Edge user license to test integration credentials or work in ResearchPoint-only functionality (ie. WealthPoint updates, etc), it does require an available Raiser's Edge license (BB722506) for syncing, linking, and searching The Raiser's Edge. 
  3. If your Raiser’s Edge database is hosted by Blackbaud, please access ResearchPoint from within The Raiser’s Edge OnDemand through the Tools menu.
    1. Log into The Raiser’s Edge OnDemand using the RE7 icon (not the BBNC plug-in)
    2. Click Tools > ResearchPoint and log in when prompted
    3. Run the affected task again
  4. If your workstation’s operating system is Windows 7, please disable the User Account Control (BB414033) feature
  5. Contact Support and reference this article.