1. Navigate to Config > Letters
  2. Click on the Letter type (Gift, Action, Membership, Constituent, Event, Appeal)
  3. Open the letter to be copied
  4. Note the name of the export listed in the Blackbaud Word Merge export field
  5. Close the letter
  6. Click New Letter
  7. Enter a Letter description
  8. In the Blackbaud Word Merge Export field, click the binoculars button
  9. Locate the export file from Step 4 and double-click to select it
  10. Click Edit Export
  11. Click Edit Merge Document
    • The original letter associated with this export opens in Word
  12. Modify the current letter as needed
  13. From the Add-ins tab, click Save and return to RE7 to Merge
  14. On the Export screen, select File > Save as
  15. Name the new Export
    • Be sure to use a different name than the original Export so that the original is not overwritten
  16. Click Save and Close on the Export
  17. Click Save and Close on the Letter