Incorrect results when querying or exporting the Gift Vehicle Bequest

When creating a query including Criteria such as 'Gift Vehicle equals Bequest', users expect the results to display Planned Gifts with a Vehicle type of Bequest.  However, the results display gift types other than Planned Gifts.  When querying on Gift Vehicle of another type, the results display only Planned Gifts with the corresponding Gift Vehicle. In addition, when exporting Gift Vehicle, the field populates with 'Bequest' for all non-Planned gifts. Although the Vehicle field does not exist on non-Planned gifts, this is still the default value that is used in query and export.

Gift Vehicle will populate with Bequest for Gift Types that are not Planned Gifts from Query or Export.  
This issue will not be addressed in Version 7 of The Raiser's Edge.
The program is working as designed.  The default value of Gift Vehicle is Bequest.  Non-Planned Gifts will receive the default value in the results of query or export.

Alternate solutions:

In query:

Add the following field to the Criteria:
Gift Information, Gift Type equals Planned Gift

In export:
  1. Add the following field to the Output:
    Gift Information, Gift Type
  2. Once the file is exported to Excel, sort the spreadsheet by Gift Type and delete the Gift Vehicle value for all non-Planned gifts.


 7.91.5056, patch 18

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