You may subscribe to release announcements to receive an email notification when new product versions and cumulative patches are released and available for download.
You may not receive a release announcement for various reasons, which include:
  • Proxy firewall is blocking release announcement
  • Email filters are deleting the email
  • Incorrect email on the customer's profile
  • Customer is not subscribed to the release announcement
  • No new releases or patches were released
  • Release announcements do not go out for Blackbaud CRM, Blackbaud Direct Marketing and Blackbaud Infinity SDK.
  1. Check your product's download page to determine when the last version or patch was released. The release announcement will go out following the next release.
  2. Verify you email address is correct in your profile.
  3. Verify emails from the address are not being marked as junk or spam in your email filters.