Note: Before editing or deleting any files, make a valid backup copy of the files first. If your website contains custom ASP pages, the customizations may need to be re-added after replacing the code. Contact your Web designer for assistance.
  • Never delete any files if you are not sure that they are safe to delete.  If you are unsure, ask your system administrator.  Blackbaud cannot determine what files, outside of our software, will be safe to remove. It may be necessary to replace or add additional hard drives if space cannot be cleared using these methods.
  • If you receive an error message listing the amount of free space, the actual amount needed may vary. This is an estimate generated by the operating system or installation wizards.
  • Check the available disk space on the server. Refer to the system requirements to determine the required amount of free disk space needed.
  • Delete local temporary files, temporary Internet files and empty the Recycle Bin.
  • Move data folders and/or files to another drive.
  • Check the virtual memory setting (page file size) or move the page file to another drive with more space. Low physical memory can result in an increased usage of hard disk space to store the page file.
  • Change the location of the TEMP variable to another local drive with more space.
  • If installing a program, install it to a different drive. (You will still need to have some amount of free space available on the main drive (typically the C:\ drive) in order to store temporary files required for the installation.)
Reboot the workstation.
  • If you still need more disk space, contact your system administrator for assistance in freeing up additional disk space or adding more space (such as a larger hard drive).
     Refer to Forty Ways To Free Up Disk Space for additional information.
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