Your organization's primary contacts and site administrators can update the primary, billing, and shipping address through their profile.

To update the organization address:

  1. Log into and click my blackbaud from the top of any page to go to your profile.
  2. If you are associated with multiple organizations, change the default organization to the one needing to be updated. 
  3. In the organization box in the upper right, click Edit org info.
  4. On the Organization Information page, click Update Address.
  5. Make appropriate changes to the  Primary, Billing, and Shipping addressed.
    Note: If your billing and/or shipping address is the same as your primary address, update your primary address and mark the appropriate '...address is the same as my primary address' checkbox.  When the change is saved, the updated Primary address will replicate to the billing and/or shipping address. 
  6. Click Submit.
When addresses are updated, they are verified with the USPS database and abbreviated based on their guidelines.  For example, Place will be changed to Pl.