While these sound similar, Reprint and Reissue, are different in Raiser's Edge terms. It's important to understand what they are when another receipt needs to be printed after one has already been printed:
  • Reprint receipt means invalidating the old receipt number and generating a new receipt with a brand new receipt number. For example, a donor lost their receipt and is requesting another receipt.
  • Reissue receipt means reprinting a copy of original receipt with the original receipt number. For example, the printer jammed while attempting to print receipts and the receipt was never successfully created.

When you Reprint and Reissue from Mail, the Receipt History on the gift updates accordingly to help maintain a record of the receipts sent. Clicking Yes to the prompt to update receipt information updates as follows:
  • From Mail > Reprint Receipt > click Yes to update receipt information, then a new receipt number and the date the receipt date is printed will update on the gift and in the Receipt History.
  • From Mail > Reissue Receipt > click Yes to update receipt information, then the receipt date will update on the gift and in the Receipt History. The existing receipt number will be used.

If you Reprint or Reissue from the Gift record itself, then this gives you the most control. The receipt date must be manually edited on the gift. And the receipt number will or will not update based on the option selected. The Receipt Date is what will appear in the Receipt History (it does not update when printed from the gift directly). To reissue or reprint receipts, select Gift, Reprint Receipt from the menu bar on a gift record. On the Reprint Receipt screen that appears, you can further define whether it is a reprint or reissue.

For information about when and where in the program to reprint receipts for various reasons, see the procedures outlined in the Receipting Guidelines for Canada user guide. 

Please refer to the Canadian Revenue Agency information on issuing receipts for information on the best option to choose. You can also consult your appropriate resources that advise your organization regarding CRA compliance.