Beginning in BlackbaudNetCommunity version 5.5 patch 9, you can automatically renew memberships.

  1. Edit the Membership Form part
  2. To renew memberships on your website, select Allow the donor to automatically renew a membership. An Auto Renewal section appears on the web page. If the website user selects direct debit for the payment method, a Starting on field appears. Note: If a constituent donates a recurring gift and selects a start date that is not today's date, the transaction downloads to The Raiser's Edge. However, the transaction is not sent to your bank merchant when the donor submits the recurring gift. The merchant receives the transaction from the batch output you send to your bank for processing from The Raiser's Edge.
  3. In the Donor message box, enter the message that will display on the website to notify users that marking Automatic membership renewal will charge direct debits and credit cards for future renewals. For example, you can enter "By selecting this option, I understand that my account is charged automatically when my membership expires."

For more information, refer to how does automatically renewing memberships work.