Users with supervisor rights do not appear as possible Approvers

All users with Supervisor level rights should show to be approvers when creating Approval Rules for Web Purchasing or Web Invoicing.
We resolved this issue in version 7.78.687. Download the latest version from our website.

This will resolve the issue going forward, for newly created users.  If you still have an issue:

1. In Administration, select Set up system security, open the user who does not show as an approver.
2. Change security settings radio button from Supervisor to Selected Group Rights.
3. Select a group and add to the Member of list.
4. Save and close the user.
5. Re open the user and change rights back to Supervisor rights.
6. Save and close the user and they will show to be an approver.


 Duplicated in version 7.78.549.0000

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