• Install the latest version of The Financial Edge client on the web server.
      1. Download the latest version of WebPortal to the web server and extract the contents of the downloaded file locally on the server.
      2. Install .NET Framework 3.5 from the extracted WebPortal install folder (located here: \ISSetupPrerequsites \{3E2733E8-C94A-4DBB-B94E-AC75048A718D}\).
      1. Create a folder named The Financial Edge WebPortal in the Blackbaud directory (Located by default in C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\)
      1. Download and save the multisite.exe to the desktop of the web server.
      2. Double click the multisite.exe file to launch the Win-Zip Self extractor wizard.
      3. Select Browse and navigate  to The Financial Edge WebPortal folder that was created in step 4. 

        Note: Ensure the file is extracted to a location that will not be deleted.  The configuration file (conf.xml), which is created during the install, must stay with the multisiteinstaller.exe file. 
      4. Click Unzip button to extract files.
      5. Once extracted double-click MultiSiteInstaller.exe, in The Financial Edged WebPortal directory, to begin the installation.
      6. Click the ellipses (...) next to the Installer Location field and browse out to The Financial Edge WebPortal.msi file located in the installation folder that was extracted in step 2.
      7. Click the ellipses (...)  next to the Install destination root folder field and specify a location within The Financial Edge WebPortal folder to house all of the separate installation locations for WebPortal program files.  

        Note: In a standard single site installation, the default location of the folder is C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge WebPortal.
      8. Click Install New Site button.
      9. Enter a unique name for the site. We recommend keeping this site name consistent with the database description.
      10. Click OK to complete the installation.
      11. Repeat steps 9 - 14 for each database.
      12. Run the Standard WebPortal Configuration Tool and a prompt will appear which will allow you to choose what website to configure.
    How to Upgrade  when multiple sites are installed:
    1. Download the most recent WebPortal update from the Blackbaud website and extract the files locally on the web server or copy the WebPortal install files from the installation CD and place them locally on the machine.
    1. Navigate to the WebPortal Directory (The default location is C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge WebPortal).
    1. Run the MultiSiteInstaller.exe file that is located there.
    1. In the Installer location field browse out to the The Financial Edge WebPortal.msi. This file is located in the extracted files from step 1. 
    2. Click Upgrade All.  The installation will run once for each website installed.