1. In Records, Employees, open the employee record
2. Remove the State and ZIP from the employee record
3. Save and Close the employee record
4. In Mail, State and Federal Tax Reports, highlight Federal Tax Reports and click New.
5. Select [calendar year] W-2 in the Report Name field.
6. Select the reporting period and year.
7. On the Filters tab, define any filters .
8. Select File, Save As from the menu bar and enter a Save as name.
9. Click Display Report to display the previously saved report or to access the Form W-2 Wizard.
10. If prompted, click Yes to install the mandatory quarterly update.
11. On the Aatrix Data Verification screen, answer yes to question 4 (Do you have any employees with foreign addresses) . 
12. On the Aatrix grid, expand the data sheet to view the boxes for the foreign address.
13. Enter the appropriate Address and print continue with the W2 processing.