Email notifications are not being sent/received for approvals

When sending email notifications for approvals from WebPortal, email notifications are not being sent or received for approvals. 

The process for addressing this issue varies depending on whether you manage your database or are hosted by Blackbaud.

If you manage your Financial Edge database and Financial Edge WebPortal, follow these steps:
  1. Open the WebPortal Configuration tool
  2. Click the Email Settings option
  3. Verify the settings are correct and that the test email is sent successfully
  4. If it is not sent successfully, test connectivity between the workstation and the SMTP Server
  5. Click the FE Database Option
  6. Confirm which Web Service connection setting is being utilized (Windows Authentication vs. SQL Server Authentication)
  7. Click the Email Service option
  8. Select the corresponding credentials to run the WebPortal Email Service.  If Windows Authentication is being used then the user specified should have access to the database.  If using SQL Server Authentication then the service can be run using the Local System Account. 
  9. Restart IIS and the WebPortal Services. (WebPortal Service sends email notifications)
  10. Verify the 'My Account' section is set up correctly within WebPurchasing
If Blackbaud hosts your Financial Edge and Financial Edge WebPortal and you've confirmed the above steps are complete but emails are still not sending, please see "Email notifications are not being received from WebPortal when The Financial Edge is hosted by Blackbaud."



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