1. In General Ledger, Records, Budgets, create a budget with the proper scenario ID and Fiscal Year.
  2. Once the new budget is created, open the budget and go to File, Properties,  and ensure that the Import ID matches the Import ID in the .csv file


  1. In Administration, Import records, open the saved import parameter.
  2. On the General tab, verify that Budget Scenario Import ID is selected under Use.
  3. On the Fields tab, select the Import Field that matches the Field to Import column.
  4. Click Validate.


Create a new import parameter


If importing an update to an existing budget scenario using a CSV that contains accounts that are not currently in the budget:
On the General tab, mark the option to import records not found as new records
Note:The validation may still produce the validation error that the record (account) is not found, however, when importing, the account will import as a new record while the other accounts will import as updated.