Before adding advance deposits from a payment, enable the Allow creation of advance deposits from payments business rule: 

  1. Open Configuration and select Business Rules.
  2. Highlight Advance Deposit.
  3. Mark the Allow creation of advance deposits from payments checkbox.
  4. Exit Configuration.

Add the payment and advance deposit:

Note: You can also add Advance deposits from Records, Advance deposits.

  1. In Records, click Payments, Add a New Payment to add a payment to an existing deposit


    In Records, click Deposits and Add a New Deposit if one does not already exist. Select the Payments tab of the deposit and click Add Payment.
  2. Enter the appropriate information on the Payment tab.
  3. At the bottom of the Payment tab, mark the Create advance deposits for this payments checkbox.

    Create advance deposits

  4. The records the "payer" (Payment from record) is responsible for are added as rows in the grid
  5. Select an Advance Deposit item from the drop-down or search for a different one.

    Note: The advance deposit items in the drop-down list are based on the payment date. If the payment date is outside the valid range for the advance deposit, it will not be available.
  6. In the Amount field, the amount of the payment will autopopulate for the Advance Deposit.

    Note: If the values of this field are changed, the Payee distribution grid will also need to be updated.

  7. On the Payment, finish entering the payment information and click Save and Close.

    Note: The Transaction date of the advance deposits will be set to the same transaction date as the payment. The Due date of the advance deposit will be the same as the advance deposit transaction date (regardless of business rules).

    If you need to change the due date and/or transaction date of the advance deposit record, save the payment and follow these steps:


    1. Enter the payment information (advance deposit grid fills in automatically).
    2. Save the payment.
    3. Select Payment from the menu bar.
    4. Click Go to Owner.
    5. Select the Activity tab.
    6. Open the Advance Deposit.
    7. Make the necessary changes.
    8. Save the advance deposit.