Note: If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, please see How to troubleshoot scheduled queues hanging or failing in Blackbaud Hosting Services.  The following steps apply only to local installations.

Complete the following steps at the computer where the Queue Service is installed for all The Financial Edge or The Raiser's Edge databases to resolve the issue:

  1. Make all scheduled queues OnDemand in all databases attached (including Sample database).
    1. Open the scheduled queue and select the Process tab.
    2. Select OnDemand from the Frequency drop-down.
  2. Remove all scheduled queues from the Queue Schedule in all databases (including Sample database):
    1. Click "Show Scheduled Queues" button.
    2. Uncheck the "Only show my queues" checkbox.
    3. Highlight all scheduled queues and Cancel them.
    4. Delete all queues listed in the Queue schedule.
  3. Uninstall the Queue Service by clicking the Uninstall Queue Service button.
  4. Stop and restart the IIS service. (Exiting the Program is not necessary.)
  5. Re-install the Queue Service by clicking the Install Queue Service button.
  6. Change all OnDemand queues back to the regular schedule. Ensure that each queue is scheduled with enough time to complete before the next queue will execute.
If the scheduled queues continue to hang after taking the above steps, try the following:
  1. If the queue is generating a report, then:
    • Verify that a default printer has been set for the specific domain Windows account set up to run the Queue service ("Queue Windows account"). If it has not, log in as the Queue Windows Account and set a physical printer as the default.
    • Verify that the Queue Windows account has permissions to the printer selected.
  2. If the queue is exporting or merging, then:
      3.     If the limit of licensed users has been reached, this can also cause a queue not to run or to hang because the queue uses a dedicated Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge or Education Edge account that will take up a license.
              a. Verify the number of licensed users that are able to use the software. 
                   • How to find the number of licensed users for Financial Edge or Education Edge 
                   • How to find the number of licensed users for Raiser's Edge
              b. Verify the number of active users that are connected to the database. If the number of active users connected in the Blackbaud Management Console equals the amount of licenses that were viewed in Step A, then it would be advisable to run the queues after hours when there are no other users logged into the system.

Note: If the queue hangs because too many licenses are being used, you will need to close out of the program on the machine dedicated to running scheduled queues. The program does not fully shut down when trying to log in once the maximum number of licenses has been taken.