Run script to update core database:

  1. Have all users sign out of FundWare. NOTE: This must be complete, before proceeding with Step 2
  2. Run the following script from the server as an administrator, with no one in Fundware.
  3. At the server, click Start and Run. Type in CMD and click OK. This brings up a DOS window.
  4. Type in: osql -E (note the space between osql and -E) <press Enter>
  5. Type in: use afwcore <press enter>
  6. Type in: go <press enter>
  7. Type in: delete from central <press enter>
  8. Type in: go <press enter>
  9. Type in: update instance set instanceid=1 <press enter>
  10. Type in: go <press enter>
  11. Type in: exit <press enter>