If a record has a long name that typically takes up more than one line on a label, the Label Truncation Report can be ran to see if a different font size or label type will keep the name on a single line:

  1. In Labels, select the Format tab
  2. Highlight Truncation Reports and mark the following checkboxes:

    • Print Truncation Reports before label run
    • Check for horizontal truncations
    • Check for vertical truncations checkboxes
    • Also, mark the checkboxes at the bottom to indicate how to handle truncations.

      Label Truncation Report

    • Print or preview the labels. If truncations exist, the Label Truncation Report Prints. Horizontal truncations are listed first. In the case of vertical truncations, the complete and truncated address contents appear side-by-side, enabling you to decide whether the truncated contents are adequate. To minimize the number of truncated labels, adjust the font size and/or use a different label type.