Please follow the steps below until the issue is resolved:

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  1. Ensure your browser is configured for Blackbaud Hosting Services.
  2. When clicking your application icon, you may receive a security notice that may automatically minimize itself to your task bar or may land behind the browser window. The application will not complete its launching until this item has been affirmed. Please click OK to this prompt to resume the launching process. 
  3. Disconnect from any current open sessions in the Citrix Connection Center.
  4. Clear your Internet browser's temporary Internet files:
  5. Turn off proxy server settings in the browser:
  6. Disable the Pop-Up Blocker in your Internet browser settings.
  7. If you are not using Internet Explorer, attempt to open the application using Internet Explorer.
  8. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and click the Reset button to restore all settings back to default.
  9. Check Control Panel>Programs and Features to see if "Browser Safeguard" is installed.  If so, remove it.  This software program gets bundled in with many types of installations from the Internet and it blocks the Citrix connection from going through.
  10. Reboot the workstation and attempt to log in again.
  11. Uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the Citrix client (see below for details).
                NOTE: Before you uninstall and reinstall the Citrix plug-in, please make sure that you have local administrative rights on the workstation or contact your local IT personnel  prior to following the steps below.

Uninstalling the Citrix Client:

For Windows:

First, ensure that Citrix is not running in the background:
  1. Open the Task Manager.
  2. Browse to the Processes tab.
  3. Right-click and select to End Process for any instances of the following processes: concentr.exe, wfcrun32.exe, and Receiver.exe
 User-added image

Having done this, proceed to uninstall Citrix: In the Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs.
  1. Select the Citrix instance in the list of programs (Online Plug-in, Receiver, Presentation Server Web Client for Win32).
  2. Select uninstall or double-click the program.
  3. Delete the C:\Program Files\Citrix directory if it exists

For Mac:
  1. Open the CitrixReceiver.dmg file.
  2. Select Uninstall Citrix Receiver.
  3. Follow the prompts to uninstall.

Reinstalling the Citrix Plug-in:
  1. Download and install the Citrix client.
  2. Close all internet browsers and reboot the workstation.
  3. Login to Blackbaud Hosting Services.
  4. Launch Blackbaud application by clicking the application icon.

Once the Citrix Plug-in has been installed, access the hosted portal again from a fresh browser window. If your data is stored on the Boston or Orange County data centers, please run the Client Detection Wizard as instructed below before attempting to launch your Blackbaud Application.  
  1. Log into your Application Hosting Portal for Boston or Orange County.
  2. At the top of the screen click Settings.
  3. Click Run Client Detection.
  4. You should now receive a notice near the top of the screen stating: "The preferred client is already available on your computer." or "An appropriate client is already available on your computer" if you already have Citrix installed on the workstation.  Please note, however, if you are using Google Chrome you may always receive this Install prompt when visiting the hosting site.  Google Chrome is not a compatible browser and it may have trouble recognizing that Citrix is installed on the machine.
If the .ica Citrix loader file becomes incorrectly associated with the wrong application, follow these steps to correctly associate it:

1.  Citrix Connection Manager is wfcrun32.exe.  To find its location, search the computer (Start button, then search box against the Local drive) and find the folder it is sitting in.  Make note of this path.
2.  In Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Associations, highlight ".ica".  If the "Current Default" column shows something other than "Citrix Connection Manager", then click the "Change program..." button:

User-added image

3.  If the Citrix Connection Manager app is not listed in "Recommended Programs" (see screenshot below), then it needs to be associated manually, by locating the executable.  Click "Browse":

User-added image

4.  Enter the path in Step #1.  Highlight and select the wfcrun32.exe file and click "Open".  Then click OK to get out of the Associations dialog box.

That file type will now be associated with Citrix going forward.