Starting point: Raisers Edge>Sphere Connector>Scheduler
  1. Under Autosync Schedule, click the Disabled button
    • ​The screen should refresh with Disabled grayed out
  2. At noon, click the Initiate Sync Now button
  3. After the sync completes, change the Autosync Schedule to be Repeat every 12 hours
  4. Click the radio button for Enabled to enable the auto-sync
    • The sync will run at midnight
  5. The next morning, before noon, click the radio button for Disabled under Autosync Schedule
  6. Change the Repeat every to 1 day(s)
  7. Click the Enabled button for the Autosync Schedule
    • From here, the sync will run at approximately midnight ever 24 hours
Refer to How are synchronization times handled in The Raiser's Edge Sphere Connector for more information on synchronization times