First, export your external calendar and save it as a CSV file. The steps to do this will vary based on the external calendar used.
To export an Outlook calendar. Note: We provide links to third-party websites in an effort to help you resolve your issue. We are not responsible for the information on third-party websites and we cannot assist with implementing resolutions from these websites.

Once you have the file in CSV format, import it into your NetCommunity calendar:

  1. While logged in with rights to edit the calendar, navigate to the page which has the Event Calendar part
  2. Click Import Events
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  • Note: If Import Events is not listed, you may be viewing the Event Calendar Group page instead of the Event Calendar page. You must import events into the Event Calendar, non group, page.
  1. In the Select Import File field, click Browse
  2. Select the CSV file created above and click Open
  3. Click Next
  4. Use the drop-downs to map the BBNC fields to the appropriate field in your CSV file. Note that fields left unmapped will not be imported and that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) must be mapped.
  5. Click Finish