1. If it doesn't already exist, insert a new group based on the main entity associated with the phone numbers (ex: Bio_ID, Cn_BioID_KEY or Student_ID)
  2. Create a new phone type field formula to display the phone number for each phone type (ex: If {PHONETYPE.EN_US} = "Home" then {PHONENUMBER.EN_US} else "" )
  3. If necessary, move any existing fields from the Details section to the Group Footer section
  4. Place the formulas created in step #2 into the Details section of the report
  5. Suppress the Details section
  6. In the Details Section, right click the first phone type field formula and select Insert, Summary
  7. Select the following values for the two drop-down settings: Calculate this summary= Maximum, Summary location = Group
  8. Click OK
  9. Repeat steps #5 - #7 for the remaining phone type field formulas
  10. Move the resulting summary fields created in step #6 into the desired position on the report (the Group Footer section is recommended)