Blackbaud Merchant Services now allows transactions to be refunded up to 180 days from the date of the transaction. After 180 days, it cannot be refunded in Altru or in the merchant services portal.  

To refund the patron: cut a check for the amount needed or give cash for the refund and make a manual journal entry for the transaction.  

To refund the item in Altru without refunding the card, refund the transaction to a different refund method, such as check: 
  1. Click Sales Refunds
  2. Search for and select the order/payment to refund
  3. Click into the Refund method cell in the Payment Details section and change the method from Credit card to your desired method
  4. Click Refund
  5. Issue cash or check to the patron

To refund Group Sales security deposits:
  1. Click Sales > Group Sales
  2. Click Search Reservations from the Tasks Menu and search for the group sale
  3. Open group sale
  4. Click Add under Refunds
  5. Choose Refund Security Deposit
  6. Refund method should be check
  7. Click Save
  8. Issue a check to the patron