If you host your Raiser's Edge database:

To break the connection between two records that do not match:
1.  Open the ResearchPoint record that is incorrectly linked to The Raiser's Edge constituent.
2.  Click on Unlink with The Raiser's Edge
3.  Confirm the unlinking process
4.  Click on Link with The Raiser's Edge
5.  Select the correct Raiser's Edge record to link with the ResearchPoint record.

Try clicking Home and search The Raiser's Edge to reopen the original record you were trying to open.  You should now be prompted to either link it with the correct ResearchPoint record or close the search window to create a new ResearchPoint record.

If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge database:

If you have more than one Raiser's Edge database hosted by Blackbaud and you believe this issue is occuring, Contact Support and reference this article.