Cardholder Name listed as NO NAME on a completed Batch transaction in the payment gateway

A credit card transaction is authorized in Batch.  That same transaction may be listed with a Cardholder Name of NO NAME in the payment gateway.

The Cardholder Name field is missing or has been left blank in Batch in The Raiser's Edge.  Cardholder Name is an available, but not required, field for credit card processing in Batch in The Raiser's Edge Version 7.86 and higher.  The field can potentially be omitted or left blank if it is included.  Any transaction that has a blank entry in the Cardholder Name field in Batch will be listed as NO NAME in the payment gateway.

To correct the issue going forward, ensure that the Cardholder Name field is not left blank in Batch in The Raiser's Edge.  It is not recommended that Cardholder Name field be updated after the transaction has been approved, as this will likely cause the card to be double-charged.

Note: Although Constituent Name is a required field in Batch and must be populated, it is not transmitted to the payment gateway when credit cards are authorized in Batch.


 7.86 and higher

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