There are three possible causes of the plugin showing US dollars for donation transactions:

  1. The merchant account specified in NetCommunity is set to the incorrect currency.  To verify that this is correct:
    • Log in to the NetCommunity website
    • Click Administration > Merchant Accounts
    • Click the pencil icon for themerchant account that is in use on the Donation Form
    • Verify that the Currency field is set to Canadian Dollar
    • Click Save
  2. The currency configuration specified in the NetCommunity plugin is set to the incorrect currency. To verify that this is correct:
    • Log in to The Raiser's Edge
    • Click the NetCommunity plugin button
    • Click Options > Currency Configuration
    • Select the correct country for each currency
    • Click OK
  3. The Regional Options are not set up properly for the workstation. These options are most likely set to English (United States). To verify that this is correct:
    • If Blackbaud hosts The Raiser's Edge databaseUpdate the Regional Options in Citrix 
    • If your organization hosts The Raiser's Edge database follow the steps below:
      1. Click Start
      2. Click Control panel
      3. Click Clock, Language, and Region >  Region and Language Options
      4. Select the Formats tab
      5. Choose English (Canada) in the Format dropdown field
      6. Select the Location tab
      7. Choose Canada for the Current Location field
      8. Click the Additional Settings button (bottom right) to customize regional options of numbers, currency, time, and date, if needed
      9. Click Apply
      10. Click OK
If Blackbaud Hosts your database and the issue persists: Click Chat with Support and reference this article