Each Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) account can only have one disbursement account associated with it.  If desired, organizations may set up multiple BBMS accounts for the purpose of using multiple bank accounts or disbursing to a different currency account. BBMS disburses funds in US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds and Euros (disbursement in Euros is limited only to banks located in Ireland and England.Your nonprofit must have a legal entity/corporation set up in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Ireland and it must also have a local bank account in that country.

If working with more than one currency / bank accounts for more than one currency (eg US dollars, Canadian dollars and / or UK pounds) the bank accounts must be domiciled in the country. For example, the US dollar account must be for a bank account in the US, UK pound account must be for a bank account in the UK, Canadian dollar account must be for a bank account in Canada.

To create separate operating BBMS accounts for various purposes or to disburse funds to a different currency see How to set up additional BBMS accounts.