1. Go to Communities > Forms: Registration
  2. Hover over the form name and click Bookkeeping
  3. Click Manage Initiative Records
  4. Search for the participant's name and click Edit
  • For online transactions (such as credit card or ACH payments):
    • Click the Delete Record from Initiative tab
    • Scroll down to the Partial Reversal section
    • Enter a Reversal Amount
    • Add a Processing Fee if needed
    • Click Update Totals
    • Confirm that the Total Reversal Amount and New Total Transaction Amount After Reversal are accurate
    • Enter a description
    • Click Submit Reversal
      • A message will appear: You have successfully reversed this transaction.
  • For offline transactions (such as cash or check payments):
    • Click the Money Information tab
    • Update the Additional Donation field
    • Click Save
    • Click OK in the confirmation window that displays
      • A message will appear: Transaction has been Updated