1. From General Ledger, select Maintenance and select Attributes.
  2. Select the applicable ID type from the ID type drop-down list.
  3. Select the attribute position from the Attribute drop-down list.  The position name, required setting, and any existing attributes display.
  4. Mark the Required checkbox to require an entry on this attribute position for all accounts.  (This setting will apply to the position, not just to the attribute that you are defining at this time.)
  5. Enter up to three characters for the attribute name in the Value cell of the first free row.  (The asterisk will indicate the first free row.)
  6. Enter a description of the attribute value.  You can enter up to 60 alphanumeric characters.
  7. Select the applicable radio button (Active or Inactive) to indicate the status of the attribute.
  8. Click Apply to save your settings and remain in the window, or click OK to save your setting and close the window.