What is a Payroll Toolbox and what do I use it for?

  • A Payroll Toolbox is an upgrade to the software and will allow you to update tax tables and rates.  The Toolbox is available on the website.  It is not specific to the FundWare version running.  First, install the Toolbox.  Secondly, update your Historical Data Items from the Toolbox in Payroll.  Each HDI must be updated.

Does the Payroll Toolbox on the website include the previous Toolboxes?

  • Yes, each toolbox will contain all prior versions for that year.

How do I know what the Payroll Toolbox will update?

  • Check the Toolbox documentation and website.  Often the Toolbox released in December does not include all the state changes, because those states were late in releasing information to FundWare.  A updated version of the Toolbox will be available as soon as possible.  Watch the website for these updates.

I've updated all my Historical Data Items except my state one.  I now have version B of the Toolbox which includes my state.  Do I have to redo all my other Historical Data Items again?

  • No.
Can I enter timesheets before downloading the new payroll toolbox?
  • Yes.  It is at the calculate net pay step where the new tables come into effect.  It is normally best not to update the toolbox in the middle of a payroll, but it does work as long as everyone is out of Payroll when the toolbox data items are updated.
You should finish all prior year payrolls before updating data items from the new year toolbox.

Remember to follow the Installation Instructions on the Support download page regarding having a division backup and printing out detailed historical data items and employee data items prior to updating from the toolbox so there is a good "before and after" picture.