This URL is not an exportable field at this time and must be manually configured. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Wealth and Ratings page of any constituent in ResearchPoint and choose File -> Send Link By Email. This will pop open an email window with a URL in it. At the end of the URL, you should see a “CONTEXTID=” with an ID following it. This is the ID particular to that constituent - by removing the ID, the link is now the same for everyone in the database:
Example: <http://thomasgr/bbappfx/browser/Blackbaud.AppFx.Browser.application?DATABASE=BBInfinity&PAGEID=a6c2fffb-2df0-44c9-8238-2ae74443f1de&TABID=8bf3bc2f-a4e1-4ee2-ab75-92d7943ee065&CONTEXTID>=
2. Copy this string to notepad (so that the linkage will be removed) and save this file.
3. Go to Analysis > Query and Add a Constituent Query. For the filter, go to Constituent > Type = Individual. Include Lookup ID and Constituent record as an output field in the query. When output, this will show up as “System record ID” - the unique ID for each prospect. Create the export using that query and save it as a CSV file.
4. Open the saved file in Excel and create an extra column, called “Link”. This field should be a formula field concatenating the URL (from the Notepad document) and the field that contains the “System record ID”. Therefore, the example formula is as follows:
CONCATENATE(“<http://thomasgr/bbappfx/browser/Blackbaud.AppFx.Browser.application?DATABASE=BBInfinity&PAGEID=a6c2fffb-2df0-44c9-8238-2ae74443f1de&TABID=8bf3bc2f-a4e1-4ee2-ab75-92d7943ee065&CONTEXTID=>”, [field for System Record ID])
5.  Fill in the formula through the entire column (to apply to all of the records). Copy the entire column and move one column over choosing "Paste Special > Value". Remove all of the columns except Lookup ID and Link. Save the file, still as CSV, and Excel will prompt whether you are okay with losing features. We are, as this will convert the formula to the actual text. There is now a file that contains the ID and Link that can be used to import into another program.