The naming conventions listed below are those for an AP import. Other modules such as GL or payroll will use the same naming used for all Fundware imports through System Utilities. (i.e. Gl imports will use gl####.txt and gl0###.y)   Refer to the System Administration Import chapters.

When the import process is failing between Connect and Fundware, it is best to divide the process into individual steps.

This can be done by setting up the Connect Process Table field, FW Import Options, to be Manual instead of direct.
This will cause an ot####.txt file to be created, and then the user has to manually import that file after renaming it by going to System Utilities and running the Fundware AP import program, cusot20,n,n.

If the problem is on the Connect side, there will be an error showing in Connect and the ot####.y file won't be generated.

If the problem is on the Fundware import side, after running cusot20, there will be an error file, otx####.L## in the Print Manager, indicating some problem with the data itself.  Any problem with the data will not allow anything to import. A file can pass the Connect data checks and still have a problem that won't allow it to come into Fundware. That can be an incorrect file name, an account number not in the system, a vendor not in AP, and employee not in PR,extra pipe signs in the created file, etc.

Once the entire process is working correctly, the FW Import Options field can be changed to Direct, to eliminate the step of having to use System Utilities.

The process should ALWAYS be tested using a test division.  Unless the user has their system set to save the imports, the data will go directly into the module and also post to the GL before any editing can be done.

When the Import Option is set to Direct, for the AP import, files will be created each time the import is run with the naming convention of ot######.txt and ot####.y. For example the first time the import is run, it creates something like ot071018.txt and ot0222.y at the same time. The 2nd time the import is run, it creates ot071019.txt and overwrites the original ot0222.y.  (The .y file has a tty number as set up in Connect, under the Default Setup screen.  At earlier versions, the number may be different, but is still working off a tty number).

If the Import Option is set to Manual, only the ot######.txt will be created and that has to be renamed to the correct .y file to import into Fundware.  It is the .y file that Fundware is looking to bring in.

If imports are done on a routine basis, old ######.txt files should be deleted manually.

The Fundware error file (for AP it has the name of otx####.L##) can be seen directly in print manager in the data directory, as it is a Report File.

The other files created are also in the data directory, but can only be seen through print manager if the "Files of Type" drop-down is changed to "All Files". As always, they can also be accessed through Explorer.