In order to confirm a reversal with a donor, run a Payment Detail Report and send the donor a screen shot containing the reversal information.
  1. Go to Control > Reports > Billing > Payment Detail Report.
  2. Click on Filters.
  3. Expand Contacts Profile > Contacts Fields.
  4. Add the criteria: First Name: Equals: [donor's first name].
  5. Add the criteria: Last Name: Equals: [donor's last name].
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Date Range.
  8. Add the criteria: Payment Date = [date of reversal].
  9. Run the report.
  10. Click Choose Columns to view any additional details on the transaction.
  11. Hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard to capture a screen shot.
From here, you may use a basic image editing software (such as Microsoft Paint) to copy and paste the details of the report into an email to the donor.