Adjust Setup for No Items Found Error:
1.  Verify you have a current backup of your division.
2.  From Payroll, select the Net Pay Calculations folder and select an employee who appears on PYCTNE.L## with error No items found.  Double-click on the employee or highlight and click Detail.
3.  Review the LABOR entries.  These are the Earning items entered for this employee.
4.  From Payroll, select Setup and select Historical Data Items.
5.  Select C to C)hange.
6.  At the Data item prompt, enter the name of the first data item with the No items found error from the PYCTNE.L##.
7.  At Enter field to be changed type 6.
8.  At Prorate on enter the name of the Earning that is missing.
    A.  Go to the last data item entered, type a , (comma), then the Earning data item name.
    B.  To determine which Earning is missing, compare the earnings entered on the Prorate on lines with the LABOR entries at step 3 above.
9.  Press Enter to accept.
10.  Repeat steps 9 and 10 for all data items listed on PYCNTE.L## with the error No items found .
11.  Press Esc and select E to E)nd.

You may now perform the Calculate Net Pay task again.