When creating new mail merge documents within the program and using Word 2007, do the following before entering merge fields in the letter:
  1. In the mail merge document, select the Home tab and select No spacing in the Styles section.
To correct existing mail merge documents:
  1. Open the mail merge parameter and select Send to Word merge wizard.  For example, in Mail, open the Donor Acknowledgement Letters parameter
  2. Click Next repeatedly until the Create merge documents screen appears
  3. Highlight and open the first document, then select Edit Document
  4. Highlight and delete all of the merge fields
  5. Place your cursor in the document where the first merge fields needs to be re-entered
  6. Select the Home tab and click No Spacing under the Style options.
  7. Select the Add-Ins tab and use Insert Raiser’s Edge Field to re-insert each of the merge fields
    Note: You should no longer need to use Shift+Enter to move to the next line in the document for single spacing.  The single spacing should now occur automatically when using Enter.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 for each area of the document containing merge fields.
  9. Select Save and Return to RE7
  10. If the parameter is a Conditional mail merge, repeat steps 3-9 for each of the mail merge documents you have set up.
  11. Select Finish
  12. Enter the document name and path, then click OK
  13. When the mail merge completes and you have closed the Word document, select File, Save on the mail merge parameter