Can not move the position of titles in code tables when user-defined is selected

Unable to change the location of titles from code tables after selecting positions as user-defined
Download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable. 

Alternative Solution:

When changing the position of titles in code tables after selecting user defined, typically with new titles, we may find that it seems we are unable to move these due to the application highlighting a different title after clicking the up position arrow/option.  When this occurs we do not see any noticeable difference or change in the list of titles that we're reviewing, but it should be noted that the title you originally selected does in fact move up one position.  We're reviewing why the cursor changes the selected title after clicking the up arrow, although we do know part of the cause is due to non-active titles being above the title in question in the list though the non-active ones do not show in the available titles to move, but until this is resolved we can in fact move these titles up in position.  To do so we will have to follow the below steps until the title is above the non-active titles.

1. Click the title you wish to move (it will become highlighted)
2. Click the up arrow (at this time you'll find your title is no longer selected and that the title that was above it is now selected. Understand though the previous title did not move one position)
3. Click the scroll bar for the list and scroll down to select the original title once more
4. Click the up arrow.
5. Repeat this process until the title is above the non-active titles and the original title does not become unhighlighted.

Another Alternative is to remove the non-active titles from all constituent records and then delete the titles from the code table.  After removing most, if not all, the non-active titles the above process will not be needed or will not be as time consuming.



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