1. Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Manage Contacts > Duplicate Checker
  2. Click the See report button under the Last Individual Duplicate Check Results or the Last Organization Duplicate Check Results 
  3. To merge records two at a time: 
    1. Mark the radio buttons under Move/Keep for the two records that need to be merged together 
    2. Click Merge 
  4. Click Ok 
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all records are merged 
  1. To merge multiple records at a time, click the Batch Merge located at the top of the page 
  2. Select a group or groups of records to merge.
  3. Click Batch Merge to merge those records 
  4. From the pop up window, mark the radio button for one of the following choices: 
    1. To update the Select Group/s mark the Radio button next to Update Selected Duplicate Group(s) 
    2. To Update all duplicate records within the duplicate check, mark the radio button Update All Query Duplicate Groups
    3. Mark the radio button to Keep the most recently updated record or keep the oldest record 
  5. Click Merge