Blackbaud provides the bank or credit card company our company name and contact information along with the organization's descriptor; and the bank or credit card company determines which appears on their statements. Most donor credit card statements reflect the statement descriptor from the BBMS Portal followed by the organizations phone number.
Example: Organization Name 888-888-8888. 

Transactions placed on a BBMS account may have BB* Pending as their statement descriptor until otherwise updated by the authorizing bank which can take up to 84 hours to complete.
Example: BB* Pending Mississauga ON
After the transaction process has completed bank statements should reflect the statement descriptor in the BBMS Portal.
Examples: Organization Name or BB*Organization Name Mississauga ON.

All BBMS users should consider adding language to their donation forms and check out pages describing what will appear on donor’s bank statements to avoid Chargebacks and confusion. For clients in Canada consider adding language that the Mississauga ON description is used for all CAD processing.