Most donors credit card statements refer to “BB*”, followed by the soft descriptor set up by the non-profit organization for the merchant account, such as BB*Save The Whales 888-888-8888. For a small percentage of issuing card banks, this descriptor does not appear on donors’ online statements for up to 84 hours. During this period, Blackbaud Merchant Services’ default descriptor---BB*PENDING---may appear, along with a toll free phone number for the Blackbaud Donor Support Call Center, which can look up all transactions and inform donors that they are processed by Blackbaud on behalf of the non-profit organization.

In addition to BB*PENDING, a state may be indicated at the end of the descriptor if available by the issuing bank. For example: BB*Save The Whales San Diego CA. This indicates where the transaction was sent to for processing, not where the organization is located. 
Transactions processed in Canada will display a state indicator of ON, prefaced by Mississauga.
Additional recommendations
We recommend that non-profit organizations display a note on their confirmation screen and email receipt to inform donors that the donation, payment or transaction is processed by Blackbaud, and may appear as either BB*PENDING, Blackbaud, Pending- or the soft descriptor (located in Contact Details of the BBMS Web Portal listed as Statement Descriptor) on online statements. For Canadian organizations you should mention that Mississauga may display as well. Non-profit organizations may also want to include a link to a page on their web sites to describe the payment process.