You can resolve this issue one of two ways: first, you can temporarily unmarking the Award Credit In box on the course record while printing the transcript:

  1. In Records, Courses, click Open a course and open the appropriate course record
  2. Select the Grading tab and open the appropriate Academic Year
  3. On the Grades tab, note the marking columns that are marked to Award Credit In
  4. Unmark Award Credit In
  5. Click OK and then Save and close the record
  6. Print the transcript
  7. Go back to Course record and mark Award Credit In back in the appropriate marking columns
Note: On the Grading tab of the course record, depending on how your school awards credits there are separate options to mark. If the Credits are awarded in Different marking columns then they are attempted, than you can unmark the award credit in checkbox. If the credits are awarded in the same marking columns they are attempted, then the value in the attempted credits column must be deleted in addition to unmarking the Award Credit in checkbox.

Or, you can add an attribute to a course record and then use this attribute to exclude courses from a query that you will use as a filter in the transcript:
  1. Add a course attribute to Configuration that references leaving the course off transcripts (ex: Exclude Course from College transcript)
  2. Make the data type Yes/No
  3. Add this attribute to the course record you wish to exclude from a transcript with a description=yes
  4. Create a Course query with the following criteria: Grading Information, Academic year = 2010-2011, Attributes, Exclude Course from College transcript Does Not Equal Yes, and any other appropriate criteria and output
  5. Filter on the transcript using the Course query from step 4