Typically, users receive the error once the original event in Raiser's Edge has been edited, deleted, or it is not linked/mapped through Control > Administration > Connector Sync. 

To resolve the batch, send your mapping metadata:

  1. Click the Sphere button in Raiser's Edge
  2. Click Scheduler
  3. Go to Configuration and select Sphere Connection
  4. Check the box for Send Mapping Metadata
  5. Click Finish

To prevent this error from future transactions:

  1. Create an event  (BB712585) in Raiser's Edge, or verify the event has been created
  2. Send Mapping Metadata (BB717308)
  3. Map the events through Control > Administration > Connector Sync: Mapping
  4. Sync
Any future syncs will come over with the event linked and eligible for processing.

In order to process the existing records, you will need to manually link the transactions (BB717780) to the Raiser's Edge event.