Note: This process is completed one constituent at a time and the Raiser's Edge database must have the Prospect tab (RE:Search module) on constituent records. 

  1. Log into
  2. Search the desired constituent.
  3. When the results are returned mark any or all gifts that need to be imported into Raiser's Edge.
  4. Click Save Selected.
  5. Choose the option to create Raiser's Edge Export.
    Note: This will save an excel spreadsheet of the information found.
  6. Open the Spreadsheet.
  7. The import ID column will be blank.  This will need to be filled with the Import ID or the Constituent ID of the record in question.  If this ID is known skip the bulleted steps below:
    • Open the record in The Raiser's Edge.
    • Go to File > Properties.
    • Copy the Constituent Import ID seen in this window into the Excel file.
  8. Ensure the Import ID or Constituent ID is copied into every row that has information.
  9. Go to File > Save As and save the edited Excel Spreadsheet as a Comma Separate Values (.csv) file.
  10. In Raiser's Edge go to Admin > Import > Constituent > Prospect Other Gifts
  11. Click New Import.
  12. On the General tab select:
    • Import New Records
    • Validate Data Only
    • Add Table Entries
    • Lookup the file saved in step 9.
    • Mark the option to use the import ID as the unique identifier (if the Constituent ID was used in steps 7-8 then choose Constituent ID here).
  13. On the File Format Tab Select:
    • Comma
    • Quotation as the Text Qualifier
    • Field Names are on the first line of the import file
  14. On the Fields Tab click Map Fields
  15. On the Summary tab mark the following if appropriate
    • Create Exception file (This will create a file of any gift that could not be imported)
    • Create Control Report
    • Create Exception Query
  16. Click Validate Now in the bottom right.
  17. Assuming there a no exceptions repeat steps 12-16 however do not mark Validate Data only in step 12.